GB Limited Edition August Race Deck Bag - The Yacht / Powerboat Pack

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As featured in Yachting World magazine the new and totally unique August Race Deck Bag is an essential bit of kit which is as stylish as it is versatile and now comes in a Limited GB Edition. The Yacht Pack comes fully stocked with a comprehensive range of tailored August Race products to make your Yacht or Powerboat gleam, not least the industry acclaimed outstanding products of 2016 Bright Coat and Smooth Opacity Polish and of course afterwards it would be only proper to reward yourself with a cold beer because it doubles as a beer bucket. The perfect complete Christmas gift for any Yacht or Powerboat enthusiast.

August Race products included:

Liquid Rib (500ml)

Liquid Rib UV (500ml)

Vinyl Bright (500ml)

Bright Coat (500ml)

Boat Wash Pro (500ml)

Smooth Opacity Polish UV (500ml)

1 Deep Care Sponge

1 Microfibre Cloth


Handmade in Devon from the highest quality water resistant canvas.