You wouldn't drive a car without an MOT or board an aircraft that was in a poor state of repair and the same rules apply for your boat!

Along with ensuring that your engine or rigging is well maintained by a reliable professional its equally important to maintain the appearance of your boat and here's why!

Over the course of the boating season it is common for damage to occur and go unnoticed often due to the inability to properly inspect your boat when affected by salt deposits, UV damage or carbon staining.

Fibreglass can become chipped and RIB tubes compromised. By keeping your boat well maintained with the August Race range of marine cleaners you can easily inspect for areas of damage, decreasing the chance of issues while at sea.

Along with the worlds most prestigious boat builders August Race products are also used by some amazing organisations often run by volunteers.

Search & Rescue teams across the UK maintain their boats with our products on a regular basis to ensure that when there is an emergency they are ready!

For more information on being safe at sea check out the RYA website:

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