August Race Worldwide Limited recognises its responsibilities to the environment and its Board of Directors is committed to operating in a sustainable way and to maintaining the best available environmental practices whenever and wherever practicable.

August Race Commits to:

  • Represent our environmental and sustainability polices and activities in a clear, transparent and truthful way without the use of ambiguous language or greenwashing (we will never claim to be an "eco brand")


  • Wherever possible replace non sustainable ingredients from our products and replace with less impactful alternatives.


  • Take all possible steps to avoid the creation of waste and emissions arising from our manufacturing operations and where this is not possible we commit to manage waste through the most sustainable channels.


  • Promote the recyclability of our packaging to help reduce plastic waste in landfill.


  • Ensure that our production facility’s environmental management system continues to meet the internationally recognized BS EN ISO 14001 standard.


  • Comply with all applicable UK environmental laws


  • Help our network of global distributors to maintain country specific compliance obligations i.e UFI coding.


  • Consider the effects that our operations may have on our local community.


  • Review our operations annually and where possible set annual objectives to reduce our impact on the environment


  • Ensure that all staff and trade partners are aware of our environmental policies


  • Communicate openly and transparently with interested parties towards the shared goal of environmental improvement.