August Race has expanded its core marine maintenance adding four hydrophobic coatings.

The new coatings – a high glass paint sealer, a hydrophobic marine glass sealer, a super high gloss GRP sealer coat and a high gloss rib tube sealer coat – have undergone an ‘extensive period’ of development and are made in house by August Race.

“We’ve hit our target of 100% biodegradability in these new products which are formulated to give a highly durable high gloss finish while also being water repellent which in turn helps to reduce maintenance,” explained CEO Sarah Wallbank.

“We’ve established ourselves as a multi-faceted, progressive UK brand with quality as our over-arching foundation stone and have had an exciting few months with developments including a new clothing line that was launched at The Southampton Boat Show.”

The new protective coatings have been developed to reduce maintenance by fully sealing the surface to which it is applied helping to prevent salt damage and water absorption, Sarah explained.

“In addition to the protective qualities, the products also give a flawless shine on polished surfaces.”