August Race is able to engineer tailored marine cleaning products, helped by its in-house chemist who has more than 40 years’ experience to draw on.

CEO and export director Sarah Wallbank says active listening and problem solving is central to the company’s overarching core values. As such, new products such as Spot Off are developed.

“We heard a lot of professional users and end-users alike having problems with mould spotting on rib tubes and rubbing strakes so we developed a targeted sporicidal mould spot treatment called Spot Off which has been extremely well received and is achieving fantastic results,” she said.

The company launched its next-generation polymer sealer coats late last year and says the reception has been ‘fantastic’.

“Users like the ease of application, the glassy finish and the reduction of maintenance following application of the products,” said Sarah. “That, coupled with the 100% biodegradability has ensured an immediate following.”

Greek sunshine

The August Race range has been launched in Greece with the sealer coats particularly popular.

“The biggest issues are the Greek sunshine and mould build up and the protective August Race sealer coats proved incredibly popular as the boats will be left in the water and are prone to be splashed and get dirty quite quickly,” explained August Race’s Greek distributor Akis Zissis.

Sarah added: “Impressive biodegradability and low environmental impact stats are also resonating more and more with our customers both in the UK and worldwide along with our pledge to never to use 'virgin' plastic in any of our packaging.

“Consumers are responding very positively to these commitments which evidences a definite shift in consumers' expectations which is fantastic news for the planet.”