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Widely used internationally by some of the worlds leading RIB manufacturers. August Race Liquid Rib is capable of cleaning both Hypalon and PVC tubes and can truly bring your rib back to life.
As used by Cobra Ribs, Ribeye Boats, Ribcraft, Rib X, Ribquest, Brig UK, Ballistic Ribs and Grand Ribs

We recommend using Liquid Rib UV and LR Sealer Coat annually to protect your rib tubes following Liquid Rib application.
Take a look at our handy step by step guide on "How To Clean a RIB boat"

Removing oxidisation from Rib tubes in seconds! Liquid Rib the best Rib tube cleaner

1 Litre container sizes are available from local stockists 

Whats the best cleaner for RIB Tubes? August Race Liquid Rib

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